Us and our Team...

We are professionals that we met and appreciated in various joint task; all Important Jobs and with different technologies in the Mainframe Word and incorporating all the historical improvements of Equipment and Software.

From early DOS to the modern zOS and many, many intermediate Scenarios and integrating many technologies and various Equipment, many of them revolutionaries at the time.

We have attended the emerging World of Graphic Interfaces and server proliferation and decentralization and today we are fully focused on advancing towards the digitalization of business and building roads to overcome stages.

Strategies to leave the manframe; formulas to integrate various platformas; make languages, operating systems third-party products compatible; and most importantly, be credible and achieve demosntrable results.

We have worked with large international companies especially in the financial sector and also small organizations: no customer is too big or too small... We have a good relationship with everyone...

We have an excellent group of proffesionals and multiple contacts and a network of specialists and we can tackle challenges requiring multiple knowledge in the short term.

In other sections we describe some tasks that we are proud of and can be replicated for new clients, with small or large and essential changes and adjustments.